Friday, July 08, 2011

Tears for Me

Tears welled up from my eyes - for my self - for the first time in many moons - and I felt them wet upon my face. Ever since my heart got turned to stone 27 yrs ago, even after that story was dissolved & discarded 3 yrs ago as all made up in my mind, I find it hard to cry for myself, easy to cry for others. A moving incident from a book, movie, or article - both fiction & nonfiction - can move me to generate a flood of tears. But, oh no, only a drought to dry up my soul. I felt the depth of my own sorrow at the pain I've caused those I adore so deeply. Sorrow that turned to grief and eventually via the alchemical transmutation of forgiveness & compassion up into joy.

(First shared on Facebook in Prezz Pressley's group "MEN who r NOT AFRAID 2 CRY.)

by William Dudley Bass
On Facebook on June 27, 2011;
Here on July 8, 2011

(C) 2011 by William Dudley Bass



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