Friday, July 08, 2011

Gabriel Requests Your Surrender to The One

Magnificent Gabriel came down upon the earth, folded back his wings, & clambered up into the cave above Mecca to recite the words of Allah to an illiterate merchant. Muhammed, PBUH, chose to listen in spite of his listen as if he had elephant ears...cuz he knew to be the last prophet of that axial age he had to do more than just hear so never mind the wind and rain the heat and cold the searing pain...till finally Gabriel relaxed his grasp and Muhammed, PBUP, as the great angel exhaled he the prophet inhaled, inhaled the sacred exhale of Gabriel, inhaled the Recitation, breathed to life the Qur'an, and then out across the deserts he walked and he rode, laying the foundations of the worldwide Umma, and history was never the same again. Surrender to God as freedom, not enslavement, was the greatest gift of submission. Oft misunderstood as enslavement, and still misunderstood as submitting to something way out there, while within, The ONE awaits thy ultimate surrender, inshallah.

(Inspired by "Gabriel Secret," prose poetry by Prezz Pressley posted on July 6, 2011 in the Facebook Group "MEN who r NOT AFRAID 2 CRY.")

by William Dudley Bass
July 7, 2011

(C) 2011 by William Dudley Bass



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