Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crazy Making: A Bad Poem with a nod to The Beatles

Hey Gwen,

In the news today,
O boy,
I heard the government say,
All the airlines have to play
The way we say
And all passenger information
On all international flights
Has to be reported directly
To Homeland Security
International Pornography
O boy
Oh no
Uh oh
So I ran a comb thru my hair
And disappeared into thin air
Locked in a jail
By the CIA
With only a pail
And a bed of hay.
George W. Bush,
American President by a Bloodless Coup,
Says our "Constitution is just a goddamn peice of paper."

“The most successful dictatorship is one that presents itself as a democracy and enrolls the majority of the public into that belief.” Yep.

And on top of that I-5 & I-90 from central Seattle to SeaTac to Bellevue will be shut down to 1 lane of traffic each way for 19 days of mass construction beginning tonight.


I shave my head in shame.

William Dudley Bass
August 10, 2007

© by William Dudley Bass

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